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St. Timothy High School in Cochrane, Alberta is a part of the Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD). The Calgary Catholic School District is basically in Calgary but it also incorporates neighboring areas such as Cochrane, Chestermere and Airdrie. The Calgary Catholic School District is second in number when it comes to size, whereas Calgary Board of Education takes the first position.

St. Timothy High School in Cochrane is one of the 2 major junior/senior high schools of the Calgary Catholic School District. The total number of high schools in the Calgary Catholic School District is 16 whereas the total number of school combining junior and senior high school, elementary level and school for special needs are around 96. The total number of students in this school system is approximated to be around 43,000.

The Calgary Catholic School District was formed in 1885 and its first school was St. Mary’s which despite its new building is the oldest school of the Calgary District.

Although the school district is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, however, the Church has no legal authority over the Calgary Catholic School District despite the fact that its name has Catholic in it.

St. Timothy High School was opened in Cochrane in 2004 and the school takes an active part in many fund raisers for Mission Mexico. Mission Mexico is basically a project of the Catholic Church in which funds are collected for many developmental projects in areas which need improvements in Mexico.

St. Timothy High School has grades 7 to 12 and its sports team is called the Thunder. The major sports played here are football, band and basketball. For people who want to organize dances or assemblies there is SALT, which is a group that the students can join. St. Timothy High School is currently developing its sports field which is due to be completed quite soon. The school is quite strong in its extra curricular activities and can be seen by the fact that it produces a major play every year.

St. Timothy High school was named after a bishop of Ephesus of the same name.
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